Words Can Prevent Weight Loss

ImageI know you have one, know one or possibly are one!  You know her really well.  She is your lunch date, co-worker, best friend, or she might be you.  But I am guessing, she isn’t you.  You are on a personal journey of success, joy-filled positive life changes, so she can’t be you.  Right?

You meet her for a lunch date and the conversation sort of goes like this:

You:  How are you doing?  You look great!

The She in Your Life:  Oh, not so good.  Nothing seems to be going right these days.

You:  Sorry to hear that.  (Waitress enters, hands you menus, takes your drink order)

She:  Gosh, I hope she can get a simple drink order correct, every time I come here they get something wrong.

You:  Oh, I just love this place. It’s so quaint, and we always have such great conversations here!

The She in Your Life:  Yes, because we are always waiting. (Waitress returns, puts down the drinks and spills a little of the soda on the table)  She rolls her eyes, while waitress wipes up the little mess.  She then takes your order.

You:  I will have the tuna fish sandwich, wheat toast, and chips. 

She:  I will have the cheeseburger, medium rare, but no red in the middle,   Can you put the cheese on the side.  Lettuce, tomato and no onion.  And can you make sure the fries are crispy and with no salt??

You:  Smile graciously knowing what is about to happen next.

She:  Let’s see if she can get this right.  How hard can a cheeseburger be?

And then the order comes.  Cheese is sweating after siting under a heat lamp, fries had to go back because they weren’t crispy enough, and you guessed it…the meat was to red on her medium rare sandwich.  And so goes your lunch.

She:  Well she won’t be getting a tip.

You:  Pay the bill, pick up her portion and tip the waitress graciously.

You head home exhausted, feeling down and frustrated and you know that you have just been swept up into the negative vortex of your friend’s negative energy.

You see, what you put out into the university comes back exactly as you express it. 

If you feel bad about your body, you will get bad results back.  If you think you are too fat to get that raise, that job, nail the interview, you will get exactly what you are expecting.  It’s the law of the universe and you need to take care in how you cast your thoughts out into the world.

This is a true story of a very dear friend of mine.  Whenever we are together it’s as if a black cloud follows her around spilling water, messing up her order, or making sure she gets exactly what she expects and requests! 

Think about the pendulum of silver balls.  When you pull one back and release it, there is a charge that runs through the balls lined up in front of it.  They pass that energy from ball to ball picking up speed, and then wham, that last ball comes back full force sending the same action right back to the originator.

And everyone that is surrounded by it is affected as well.  You don’t want that right?  So, here is the challenge:  Start sending out positive thoughts, wishes and dreams.  Start expecting goodness and joy, beauty, compassion and understanding.  Start paying attention and thanking your body for how it keeps you moving, hugging, laughing, walking.   Positive thoughts and energy will them begin to come back to you tenfold.  I challenge you to try it for a month and begin recording all the good that has come back to you.  See if you can see yourself, your body, your image in a more positive light and pay attention to how you begin to feel, how your body changes and looks. 

I don’t go to lunch with that friend anymore, so her thought that people never keep in touch with her, never listen, never pay attention to her needs, is exactly what she is getting back.    I didn’t make a conscious decision to do this, it just happened.

I moved farther away for a negative place. 

What do you want for your life?  Changing your thoughts will Change your life.  This I know for sure.  Share your steps to drawng positive energy to your life. What oine thing can you work on to change?

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